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Kawungan, Pialba, Point Vervon, Gatakers, Urangan, Scarness, Torquay, Booral, River Heads, Wondunna, Nikenbah, Urraween, Eli Waters, Dundowran Beach, Craignish and Dundowran.

Two Hour Minimum
Toogoom, Takura, Burrum Heads, Torbanlea, Howard and Maryborough.

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Hervey BayHave you ever tried Hot Stone Massage? If not, you really do not know what you’re missing!

Most people who have had a Hot Stone Massage are totally “Blown Away” with the level of relaxation that is achieved.

You feel totally relaxed, but also feel like you have had a good deep pressure massage.

One Hot Stone Massage stroke is said to have the equivalent of up to 10 normal massage strokes!

Your body absorbs the heat and it is released deep into your muscles – giving that deep massage feeling.

If you’re suffering with Fatigue, Anxiety, Stress, Not sleeping well, generally feeling out of sorts, or not your normal energetic self, then Hot Stone Massage is Definitely worth a try to Relax your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Hervey Bay Hot Rock MassageHot Stone Massage, or Hot Rock Massage as it is sometimes known, is a massage whereby we use Basalt smooth stones to massage your body, and also place the stones on particular parts of your body where you have strain, pain or on your chakras.

Hot Stone Massage is a good detoxing massage so it advisable to drink lots of fresh water after the massage. You will continue to feel the benefits of this massage for days after.

Hot Stone Massage warms the body up so during the winter months or if you’re feeling the cold it’s a great way to warm the whole body through.
As with all treatments we advise in certain cases this massage may not be suitable, for example during pregnancy practically in your first trimester.

Give your Body the Massage it Deserves!

2 hours – $150


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